Big Head

One of my larger pieces of procrastination…..The Big Head can be worn as a head provided you have strong shoulders! I hope to use it in a series of photos at some point. She has been white, black and is currently blue with gold leaf. I have included the making of photos below the finished piece.

WP_20170115_009 1

WP_20170115_008 1


WP_20140428_002 (1)   WP_20140428_004 (1)

WP_20140505_002 (1)   WP_20140512_001 (1)

WP_20140512_002 (1)   WP_20140513_004 (1)

WP_20140513_005 (1)   WP_20140516_003 (1)

WP_20140521_002 (1)   WP_20140521_003 (1)

WP_20140521_004 (1)   WP_20140527_002

WP_20140609_005 (1)

WP_20140610_003 (1)